Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Will you still love me tomorrow?

Hello people. Once again, I'm very sorry for not updating recently and you have to constantly see the emo picture posted in the post below. I have been extremely busy for the past few days with a lot of god knows what.

Just got home from sending off one of my very close friend in the airport and boy it was kinda depressing, mentally. I have sent a few friends off in the airport before, but somehow, this kinda made it feel like the first time I'm sending someone off in the airport. You know, the heavy feeling in the heart as if someone has just punched you in the face kinda thing.

I don't know, through that one year in Year 2, we've always been doing almost everything together. Rushing for assignments, smuggling ourselves out of classes halfway to do nonsense sometimes, last minute late night cramming before exams, thinking very hard of what to eat for lunch because Mia eats almost nothing, partying almost on a weekly basis and that very random trip to Genting during class. It's like we know so much about one another, and those kiasu things we do to one another. Who would be the one doing all these shit with me after she's left? Perhaps, we've grown on one another, I really don't know.

Yeah, I'm talking about her - the loser shit Ang Pei Ling. She's probably one of the closest friend whom I trust the most and could tell absolutely everything to. Funny how we knew of one another's existence since those years in Taylors but never got close till we're doing our law degree in HELP. I think I'm missing her already so soon :(

And woman! Please give up on your Blackberry and get an iPhone 4 instead so we can Facetime!!

Sigh, this is getting depressing. On a brighter note, no - I did not forget:


I'm so sorry I couldn't get the post up on time, but I think I still made it UK TIME! Lol wtf. Hopefully Juen decided to stop saving the world (inside joke) and remembered my words to make you drunk. Hahaha speaking of Juen, that joker who raped her Facebook and phone during her birthday. Texted her a happy birthday with a lot of yada yada stuffs, and the reply I got was "I wanna go strip clubbb!!" LOL.

Hope you had fun woman. Finally, finally out of your teens hahaha - like, really finally :P

P/S. Please please remember to not glow too much. Save voltage and save energy :D


Perhaps it's me, but where's the good in goodbye? Cuz I certainly don't see it.

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Peiling said...

LOL woman i am here laaa!! not so far away from u. u knw how to get me one right??!! heheheheheee. lets see each other's chau tut face when both of us are free to toxbox or skype laa hoho :D