Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Now it all seems so clear that there's nothing left to fear.

This is clearly a complain post so don't bother reading if you are not kepoh enough or if you're gonna finish reading this post and think to yourself "such a whiner". Whatever. I've warned you.

I know this sounds snobbish and selfish and whatever horrible word you can ever think of, but right now, I wished I knew nobody else in this big fat world. Then there would be nothing else for me to care about. Or be bothered about. Whatever.

You see, if the world was a complete stranger, there won't be any possible dramas in life. Your life will constantly be in peace. Okay, let's say your life is drama-less. If the world was a complete stranger, nobody will ever betray you because there isn't anyone for you to trust in the very first place. Okay, then let's assume that nobody around you will betray your trust. If the world was a complete stranger, nothing would bother you and you can constantly be happy like a fool - and that's something great, to be happy.

Yeah, at this moment, I wished I had complete strangers around me day in day out.

Well, except for those few. Yeah, just that very very few that I'd like to keep and would hate myself if I never got to know them. As to who they are, I think things are better kept to myself and leave them to your already wild imagination.

I'm not bothered to have any decency in typing nicely anymore nor whether I have made any grammatical errors or not in this post. I can't be arsed right now.

My deepest apologies if I sound as if I have a massive problem against the whole world. No, I do not hate the world and I do not have any bitchy drama going on in my life right now. Just whining my dissatisfaction towards certain issues. I mean, I can't sound like Miss Sunshine all the time right? Just blame it on "that time of the month" if you wish to. It's every girl's excuse to bitch anyway.

I'll go watch some brainless reality show now then all these nonsense mood swing will fade away soon enough and I'll be your friendly neighbourhood girl all over again :)

Hi. Nice to meet you!

P/S. Nothing else matters anymore when there's you with me. And I'm glad you are :)

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