Friday, October 29, 2010

You know that it all takes my breath away.

"so maybe it's true that I can't live without you,
and I'm thinking two,
is better than one.

I remember asking myself this sometime almost a year ago - whether would two be better than one. Cuz I was too afraid back then.

Well, it's almost one year down the road already and I think, I can surely say that two is better than one :)


Oh, and here's a very random conversation between us a moment ago.

Me: Eh, Halloween is coming!

Smelly: Yeah.

Me: Mmm, you don't have to worry what to dress up as. Just walk out as yourself and it's the best costume ever already.

Smelly: No. I have something better.

Me: What?

Smelly: I'm dressing up as YOU. *annoying cb laugh*



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