Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream.

Yeap, it was the biggest HA (Hennessy Artistry) event of the year on Saturday and it was held in Malaysia International Convention Center @Mines Resort City.

Hennessy Artistry HALO Event 2010.

Met a lot of friends there. And I meant, a lot. Too bad my camera screen (yes, the cracked one) was too annoying so I couldn't take many pictures :(

At the entrance with Sun :)

The lighting on the stage was awesome that night!

With Elise, Julz' wifey.

Clement aka the Rock lol.

Shryne ahhhh!! (wakakaka APL I bet you're jealous)

Jonny and Sun

The bar at the entrance.

Angeline and Lin Lin! :3

Was so happy to see her that night. It's been ages since I last saw everyone. But, Angeline!!! Finally got to see her and hello, we're wearing the same colour again as we did for the previous Hennessy that we went together at Quattro last year wtf.

With Couz Xiao Tong

(Picture stolen from her as seen)

Lin Lin, Angeline, Marc and erm, photographer haha.

It's been a while since I've been partying. As the (not so) Favourite J said on MSN one day, "I see that you have cut down a lot on partying. You should start again you know." Sigh, bad bad influence. After this event, I guess the next party is gonna be some time away :/

Not too much of a bad thing actually. I'm getting old already wtf. Too much of alcohol and lack of sleep is bad. Tsk tsk. Alright, am signing off with a vainpot picture of myself.

Take care peeps.

Yours truly :)


there are just some people you think
you'd never meet again.

And you'll meet
at the most unexpected times.

And that's when I realised,
It was a long ago past we've all forgotten.

We're nothing more than strangers now.

And it made me ever so sure that,
I'm glad I've found who found me

At my worst.
Perhaps he might break me one day,
And make me cry a river again.
But right now,
I'm glad he's caught me where I landed,
And loves me more than I deserve to be.

The only thing I regret?
Was that it took me too long to figure out
That you were the "silent idiot".
If you still remember our joke that night.
A joke only we'd know, love :)

My smelly you.

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Peiling said...

wah i like this post and yes, i am jealous. so jealous until i wanna cry!! :(