Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Remember to let her into your heart, then you can start to make it better.

Hi all.

I've been lifelessly watching a lot of HK drama's recently. Name the show and I've definitely watched it, no joke. Not just TVB, but also from different HK channels. Being the lifeless couch potato, I've became a pro in predicting the probable outcomes in these shows already. Let's try.

1) Rich guy and girl from poor family.
This is probably the most cliche one. Guy's family will be against this because the girl is so poor that it'll bring their family status down. Then something will happen and they get touched by the girl's sincere heart and they live happily ever after.

2) Girl fainting/vomitting out of no where.

3) Randomly adding English words into the conversation.
The guy/girl is some high class person (very atas) who just came back from Cambridge or Oxford with some high class degree.

4) Driving car after fight with flashbacks.
Wait for another 1 or 2 minutes into the show and the car will definitely crash. Then his/her phone will ring because gf/bf called to apologize but nobody is there to answer because he/she is dead/unconscious. Then the camera focuses on the phone ringing showing the gf/bf's name and the scene changes to the hospital. Or worse still, they jump straight to the cemetery.

5) When bitching about somebody.
Usually some HTHT (Heart to Heart Talk) in a room or some dim sum restaurant. And the person being bitched about will be behind listening. Dramaaaaaa

6) Driving in car after fight (but doesn't die or get into car crash).
Probably heading to the beach to be emo. But now they improvise so he/she will be skipping stones, but the cliche still stays where he/she will shout TIM KAI AHHHHHH!!!

7) Beach at night.
Yeah, speaking of beaches in the previous point, this came to my mind. He/She is probably so emo he/she decides to walk into the sea and commit suicide. Then the girl/guy who is stalking him/her from behind and has a crush on him/her comes out to save him/her. Then they fall in love after some dramatic scolding scenes.

8) Impromptu meeting of girl and guy at night (usually at a bridge).
They're breaking up! No doubt.

9) Guy having fought with gf called his friends out to emo at a bar/club.
He'll get drunk and has a one night stand with a random girl. Next morning, gf decides to patch things up and walks into the room seeing them naked. She then gets very pissed and walks off crying. WU LEI JING.

10) Something happened between guy/girl so he starts looking for her in the roads.
Usually this happens in those 古装戏, Meaning drama which uses some random Chinese dynasty as timeline (i.e. guy has long hair probably tied in a bun holding a fan and girl wears layers of long dress with drama hairstyle). Anyway back to the point, guy starts searching for girl and they usually brush past one another. He'll be at the left corner and she's just turned that corner, vice versa.

So yeah. With these 10 points as your guideline in watching HK drama, you definitely won't go wrong in predicting the probable outcome of the current show you're watching. Just saying.

Have fun.

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