Saturday, June 05, 2010

And she's an actress, but she ain't got no need.

Exams in 2 days' time. Tenants in common, joint tenancy, leases, licenses, co-ownership... I'll make love to you all night. Seriously, who the fuck cares about minority shareholders or directors' duties? Cuz personally, I really can't be arsed about it.

Sorry I just had to rant. I'm dying here. And I think my notes and textbooks are either in Greek or Latin, disguised in what looks like English. Cuz I can't understand shits.


It's not that I don't treasure, and it's not that I didn't consider.
It's just that you were too selfish to bother.
I've tried hoping it was just my head trying to confuse me.
But you proved me wrong.

So I'll play dumb and watch you play your game.
I'll even play according to your cards.
And I'll wait till you take off that mask.
Cuz they say that silence is golden.

But I really wish, that you were never like this.

There are just times when people get fed up of things.
Cuz that's when they snap.


Nothing on you was nothing without you.

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