Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I keep, keep thinking that it's not goodbye.

I remember complaining so much about how terrible HELP is when I started going for classes there. Well, who could blame any of us who have been to Taylors and then HELP? Where we used to have an AC (Asia Cafe) just across the road and quite a handful of eye candies every now and then.

But HELP, the most "happening" place I would say, would be the only mamak in the middle of nowhere. Or technically, in the carpark. Yes, I didn't type wrongly, it is the carpark. It was like a monopoly business, really. Cuz there was nowhere else us students could hang out in around that area. Unless we were willing to take the shuttle bus all the way to the main campus in PBD. And that's a lot of haste.

Time flies, and it scares me how fast it goes by. I still remember walking into the ugly building one morning in January 2009. No words could describe how relieved I was when I saw two familiar faces in the lecture hall: Pei Ling and Mia. Back then we hardly talked, but at least there were still some people I know from Taylors.

Finally Flo baby woke up and well, despite being the first day... I sneaked out from the hall. Yes, I skipped the welcoming talks and the rest of the nonsense for lunch with Flo. Heheh

Fuck. I was so skinny back then :(


Things were very fine and I was happy. We even had our Orientation Night and I still remember our theme was "Back To School."

From someone during that night :)

Well, there's always this saying that good times don't last usually. Yeah, shit happened... but that's a different story altogether. March came along and we were all hyped up about our first annual Law Ball.

Us with our Criminal law lecturer :)

Hoho. Pei Ling, I bet even you forgot how you looked like back then right ngek ngek

Kellie, Flo, SK, Armand and Ashley.

I miss those days :(

Well, it isn't always about fun all the time. Not long later, we had to face our very first legal assessment: Negotiation, Client Counseling and finally, Mooting.

Right before Moots

With my best partner ever through Year 1 and 2, Hiu Kei.

Then somehow (I couldn't remember what for already), we had this Vintage & Bake Sale organised by us Year 1's.

When Qi was still around.

Mia, Jedwind, Serena, Wei Ling, PL, Michelle, Delia, Jayvian and Crystal.

The 4 of us. Sigh :(

A silly shot :)

Kellie so cute with her cupcakes! Hahaha

Just when we thought life was hard, we moved on to Year 2. Horrible would be an understatement, seriously. Year 1 seemed like paradise in comparison to the subjects we had to deal with in Year 2.

Year 2 Orientation :)

Jokers x)

It was less fun compared to the Orientation Night we had back then in Year 1. Year 2 was hellish, but it was also the year where everyone slacked. People started missing classes and unfortunately, we lost a very great lecturer: Mr. Ananth. He was our Land and Tort law lecturer. He taught us well and everybody liked him. It was a sudden shock for each of us.

Since then, our timetable screwed up and well, the cycle of missing classes goes on of course. Oh and then there's Company classes. Ugh.

This is what we finally resorted to during classes.

And when we finally got really fed up of classes, we make spontaneous trips like this:

We left class at around 10-ish in the morning and took a bus up to Genting.

We're spontaneous like that. And that's how torturing classes are.

Stupid woman :P

Oh, and did I mention that we spent hours in this place on an almost daily basis just to rush our assignments?

Our All American Rejects concert! :D

Bloody hell, I could see how I grew (sideways) from the beginning of Year 1 till Year 2. Fuck. And of course, we partied more than ever this year.

Mia's 21st.

Then there was our annual Law Ball again, this time, we went as Year 2 students. I remember that PL and I used to go over to Delia's to help out on the decorations through the entire week when we had assignments due very very soon. (Well, we search for reasons to procrastinate very often).

Those days were really fun, despite us being very tired and exhausted. But it was worth it :)

With Dickson

Joey & Maxine

With Ms. Kath again. No doubt on who's the favourite lecturer ;-)

Camwhores in us :)

With the boys

Seriously, how did 2 years pass by so quickly? Different people left and came around. And the things you least expected to happen always tend to happen. Many stories told, many secrets unfolded. There have been betrayal, and there were those who stuck around. It wasn't a bad 2 years there, really. I definitely have been upset, but I can't say that I didn't have fun there either.

I'll miss everyone of you, definitely. Let's hope we all make it through to Year 3 and (hopefully) become lawyers who kick asses :)

And if you have read all the way till here, congrats. You deserve a pat on your back. Cuz I personally think it was too long of a post and I doubt anyone (as lazy as me) would bother reading all the way till the end. You're such a nice person.



Peiling said...

LOL. yea man I totally forgot how i looked like last time. The most ugly moment mannn!! hahahhaa and deehh i managed to read till the end of this post loor.Now i miss Help :(

princessKamen said...

haha miss kan? all the great times we had deliberately missing class huhu. ok la, pat you on the back ok. since u finished reading it :P

Alici♥.v said...

Hey, Alicia Vilolin too KAMEN! I just came across your blog and I think you wrote quite well for this post! likeeeey :D

princessKamen said...

haha thank you thank you :)

*me* said...

Pat my back too! I like this post. :)

princessKamen said...

*pat pat*