Tuesday, June 01, 2010

My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating.

Actually, I have no idea why I'm blogging right now.

Was burying my face (partially) into my Land law notes when I finally decided to pull myself out of co-ownership before I die of insanity. I know, technically you don't die of insanity but... trust me, law kills. It's crazy seeing the Year 1's sit for their finals now, knowing that I'll be in the same position 6 days from now.

It freaks me out big time. But on the bright side, I can party and have fun without the guilty part of me buzzing in my head reminding me that I should study. It's annoying, really. Everytime I'm out, I bring my book - for safety purposes. Or rather, just to make myself feel better. And right now, I feel bloody insecure without my textbook wtf. (I left it in the Secret Lover's car and he decided to be absent from classes today due to some reasons). Honestly, I feel like shit right now. Or maybe beyond shitty. Actually, the thought of pulling out last minute and differing till the next resits did cross my mind for a bit. And I actually did give it a thought. But no, I can't. Not like I'm not enough of a denial freak already.


Came home early to study and I ended up whoring over Facebook for god knows what reasons, constantly clicking on the Refresh button hoping that some notification would pop out. Oh, and Twitter too. I guess my brain just sub consciously finds its own excuses to procrastinate. Meh.

Obviously, I've also considered sleeping. Had a massive dilemma on whether to sleep "for a bit" or to continue studying. This time, my conscience overtook me and I decided to open up my notes. By the way, I've been told that I sleep too much. Apparently I have a sleeping pattern which I don't even know of, where I sleep between the hours of 4pm~7pm and it's often referred to as my "nap time". Wtf.

It's pouring outside, with scary thunder. And also lightning. I freaking hate it every time there is thunder... It scares the hell outta me, like seriously. And it isn't much better especially when I'm home alone. Boo.

You know what? I can't wait for my post exams plans. I'll either die of insanity or anxiousness, I swear.

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