Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I could use a dream or a genie or a wish.

- to go back to a much simpler place than this.

Today's the first day I'm rotting at home doing completely nothing at all since my holidays have started. I'm quite not used to it, the fact that I'm actually staying at home wtf. After hours of whoring/stalking (that's what my friends put it) around Facebook and Twitter, my level of lifelessness took a deeper plunge.

Meme time! It's been quite a while since a meme last appeared on my blog anyway heheh.

So, there's a challenge to write a letter to each of the people/things(?) listed below. So yeah, fellow readers, (who, hopefully may be as lifeless as I am right now) happy reading.

  • Your Best Friend
    Dear best friend, I personally don't think there's a need for me to write you this letter cuz by the time I'm done writing what's on my mind, seal it and post it over, you'll be home already. I love you :)

  • Your Crush
    Dear crush, I really don't know who you are. I have yet to meet you.

    Wait, does Chuck Bass count? If yes, see you in your limo. And then, we'll do some talking ;-)

  • Your Parents
    Dear parents, I am sincerely sorry for spending considerably more time being outside than at home. And I'm sorry for being the black sheep. I wished I could've done better, really :(

  • Your Sibling (or closest relative)
    Dear cousin, I wished I could do some charity and donate you some of my excessive fats. You need em. Boo.

  • Your Dream
    Dear dream, could you please tell me why I always forget about you the moment I wake up? And why can't you last longer all the time?

  • A Stranger
    Dear stranger, hi. Nice to meet you.

  • Your Ex Boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush
    アンタへ, ありがとう。いつまでも心の中に居る、心の一番底の所。時々頭に浮かべるけど・・・まあ、もう大丈夫だ。もう傷つけないよ、やっと。

  • Your Fav. Internet Friend
    Dear... wait, what the hell? I don't have one :O

  • Someone You Hate Most
    Hmmm, I wished I'll never have to see your slutty face again and shut the fuck up. Thank you.

  • Someone That's Not In Your State/Country
    Dear you two jokers in Brisbane and Scotland, come home. And please do not miss your flights anymore heheh.

  • The One That Broke Your Heart The Hardest
    Dear my once upon a time love, do you know how it feels like loving someone that's in a rush to throw you away? It's shit. But then again, thanks for everything - all the good and the bad that you've ever done :)

  • The Last Person You Kissed
    You're amazing :)

  • The Last Person You Made A Pinky Promise To
    Dear last person who I made a pinky promise to, I'm sorry. I think I most probably broke it haha!

  • Someone That Changed Your Life
    Dear someone who changed my life, I think people would say it's for the worst but... oh well. I can't say I'm exactly very happy with what I've become but... I'm pretty sure this change had made me live life more than I ever did I guess :)

  • Some That You Want To Tell Everything To, But Too Afraid To
    Dear M, I wished I could've told you everything. I really wanted to so much that it feels like I'm breaking apart sometimes. But I really can't bear to tell you the nonsense I do occasionally and how messed up of a person I am. You'll most probably be so disappointed in me. And that's the last I want to see.

    No, for the love of god, I am not doing drugs. Mind you.

  • Your Reflection In The Mirror
    Dear honey,
    Sometimes I feel like I don't know you anymore. What have you done and what are you doing?
    On certain times, I wished you could be somebody else. Maybe you could be happier.
    Most of the times, I wished you had a nicer smile. Then you could smile like nothing matters.
    All the time, I wished you looked thinner. Then... maybe you could look dazzling.

    But too bad.

    Love, me. x

Finally, I'm done. I bet you did not bother reading everything hah! I'm that bored, sue me. Okay, it's been hours since I've been resting my ass on the chair facing the laptop. Time to move about and hopefully, find something to occupy myself with. Tata.

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