Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Now baby save me from the game before it plays me.

The kind of feeling when,
Your fingers dance around my skin.
Slowly, but teasingly,
In a messy rhythm only you would know.

And all I could do,
Was to whisper your name to your ear,
wishing to remember every detail of you.
As if I might forget the next minute.

The whole world closes down slowly
Every moment our lips meet.
It felt so substantial, yet so surreal.
Like an eclipse.

How could I get enough when you'd kiss me in that way,
In that way I thought I've forgotten.
Oh I hate the irony that we seem so far apart,
when we are just a dust away.

We waste Time like it's air.
As though it'll never outrun us one day.
But what else could we resort to, but to linger around?
Waiting for Time to slowly take its toll on us,
And possibly wait for a chance we'll choose to miss again.

They've got nothing on you baby, you said.
Sweet nothings said to every rose you seek.
With that careless smile of yours.
But who could understand
This unrestrained love, this beautiful mess?

You're a sinner, and I'm your prisoner.
And you me.
What more is left to say?

All we could do is to blame serendipity.

We'll fly sky high one day
Chasing after these fleeting lights.


Ah, a very long overdue post I've always wanted to post but didn't get to due to the time constraints (Exams!). Now that it is a night before my Company paper (and I have zero knowledge about Company), I decided to procrastinate, or rather - find excuses to avoid studying. And therefore, finally settled down to pen (?) something like this down.

You know, there's this funny Chinese saying which could literally be translated as "not knowing how to write the word 'Death'." I guess it applies to me right now. Why oh why did I get myself into a Law course when it is so much easier to fail than to pass?

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