Monday, June 14, 2010

Let's pretend baby, that you've just met me.

So, exams are over. And the partying continues, on the regular weekly basis. Seriously, since they got home... the parties have been going on for a month straight already. Tsk tsk, bad influence.

Oi, Xinny Chen and ChingMun Lee. Faster get your asses and nen nen's (haha inside joke!) home. THEN we'll party. I can't imagine how it'll be. God knows what nonsense we'll most probably come up with in the club hahaha.

So it was hopping around around Phuture and Velvet @Zouk on Friday night itself with the usual suspects.

Free soulsss!!

Free from the invisible prison called exams :(

Some of them boys :)

Seriously, this picture rocks haha.

His expression just goes so well with the top.

PL and Soung. I just find this picture cute heheh


Oscar, Kellie and PL.

PL looks so nice here :D:D

The infamous J :)

Oh and also our dear Jesus *inside joke*

Soung! :D

Sigh, my sucking up days. Sometimes they work. But most of the times, they don't.


PL and Bruce, the under-aged drunkard :P

Haha and speaking of this, there's a funny story to this and I can't stop laughing every time I think of it. I remember I was in an intoxicated state, not registering completely what PL was telling to me that moment itself when it happened. But it was funny, really. I laughed hard when I was told about it again later that night when I was more towards sobriety haha. So much for running after a drunk under-aged huh? ;-)

But it's okay. At least you didn't faint like some woman we know during our last visit to Poppy heheh :P

Where to this week? :D

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Peiling said...

LOL. I wonder what the story was about. haha