Sunday, February 14, 2010

My lips like sugar.

Here's the obligatory wish to my very beloved readers, wherever you are.

Happy Chinese New Year,
dear people :)

Hope you collect lots of ang pau's through the holidays (If you're the one giving out ang pau's, then erm... enjoy giving them out! Heh). And definitely hope you have ton loads of fun (I'm sure you will, with all the poker, mahjong, black jack and everything)! Speaking of gambling, it greatly reminds me of my dear friend ChingMun. Hope she isn't gambling happily in Scotland without us :(

Nevertheless, have a great year ahead and the usual - may you and your family be blessed with prosperity and great health. Now where's my angpau? :D

And no, I did not forget.

Happy Valentines' Day all!

Have a very sweet and romantic one. I know, it's hard to be celebrating it this year with it clashing with CNY and all but well, look on the bright side, restaurants will definitely be less crowded this time! :)

May the single ladies, and dudes, enjoy their nights partying together (and hopefully, find the right one). Well, you know, killing one bird with two stones two birds with one stone. And may the coupled ones be happy always. Do argue once in a while HAHAHA. Well, you won't realise how much you love one another without arguing and feeling bad after that right? Teehee.

Love, princess.

P/S. I love my penguin ♥♥

P/P/S. Secret Lover, do not enjoy too much in Miami okay. I'll hate you for that.

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