Saturday, February 20, 2010

But nothing's greater than the rush which comes with your embrace.

So here's the obligatory post-CNY post (wtf lame pun).

No I didn't go anywhere out of KL. Have been staying in KL and bumming around since the first day of CNY. Well, had the Cousin to bum around with since the second day of CNY though haha. Just did the usual visiting around between relatives and all. Seriously, I think normal days would be less boring instead. Cuz everyone would be out of town during the holidays and there will be nobody available when something is up. So much for being a city child.

With the Cousin :)

Oh oh and we made chocolate chip cookies!!

My very first cookies made :3

I know, I know, the chocolate chips are quite ugly and uneven. But they're fine okay! So much for being greedy. The Cousin and I were shopping for the ingredients to bake cookies that morning. We were in a dilemma (yes, our lives are pretty much filled with dilemmas everyday. But that's a different story) on which packet of chocolate chips to buy. Cuz both were chocolate chips but they were packed differently. So we were pretty sure that there had to be a difference.

The Cousin eventually discovered that one had very huge chocolate chips and the other had comparatively smaller ones. So we decided to buy the bigger ones cuz they would taste nicer wtf. We were just greedy. Eventually, the chocolate chips turned out to be too big that it couldn't fit into our cookies. As in, they look like burnt nipples on our cookies (or rather the Cousin described it that way)


So I had to cut those chocolate chips into smaller pieces in the end. Quite sad.

Don't laugh, failed things happen to us pretty often okay :(

My very cute penguin ♥ ♥

Oh, and it has a name - A the Round :D:D

The Minnie Mouse of the day. With her Hello Kitty pusseh.

Okay, the final obligatory self picture during CNY.

Haha, that was just another lame excuse for me to post my own vain pic up haha. So yea, to those gambling - especially poker, do enjoy losing your money. Yes, I'm talking to you. Okay I'm just kidding. Hope you people win loads okay? And to the young ones, hope you get lots of ang pau's heheh.

Oh, and to the Year 2 law students? Enjoy struggling for your assignments :D

(Cheh. Speaking as if I'm not one of them haha!)

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