Friday, February 12, 2010

To be with you, there's nothing I wouldn't do.

Whoa, it's been so many days already since I last updated! I kept having the impression that it was just one or two days ago. Oh well. I was busy, does that make up for a good excuse? Heheh.

Had a blast of a night last night with the usual convicts - the Cousin, Pei Ling and Mia. Went club hopping in Heritage Row, chilled, and danced our night away before the CNY holidays officially commence when Pei Ling heads back to Banting and Mia heads back to Vietnam. We danced so much till the Cousin and Pei Ling had to take off their heels lol. It was definitely a very super awesome night! (Can't think of any other way to put it anymore).

P/S. We all hate the Cousin now. She just have to look so nice in every picture taken. Damn.

The 4 of us <3

Pei Ling & the Cousin

With Miaaaaa

And I love this picture. Mia looks so cute here, and my hairrrrrr :D

With Pei Ling. That woman was tipsy already when this picture was taken.

"Hi dudeeeeeee." Wtf. Hahaha!

With Pei Ling in Maison.
(And the Cousin berkacau kacau-ing behind (wtf is there such word?)).

Mia, Cousin and Pei Ling :D

Pei Ling again :P

Another failed moment happened to me that night (Not like there isn't enough already in my daily life). We were all dancing the entire night and when we left, my eyes kinda felt weird. Nevertheless, I just ignored it and got into the car. I then realised what was wrong when I had to direct the road. I couldn't read the signboards - unless I cover my right eye. Yes, my lens dropped off god knows when. Very FML-ish. And I have completely no idea when and how it dropped. Epic fail.

So that was my night before CNY :)

We should definitely do this again after our Tort assignment babes! :D


The unseen barrier, which I can never cross.
The unspoken understandings, which I can never compromise on.
The unheard screams, which you always choose to shut your heart away from.

All I ever wanted was a little of that little bit;

And to get rid of the envy. I hate envy, very much so.





Tran Huyen Tran said...

definitely babes, definitely!!! Btw, you're gonna explain to me what it means at the end of your post. :)

Peiling said...

LOL...i'm so sad that i lost my lens the next day T.T

princessKamen said...

hahaha just some emo lyrics babe :)

I LOST MINE THE NIGHT ITSELF. damn fail ok. haha but u have other pairs rite? :D