Sunday, February 21, 2010

So much for my happy ending.

I'm sure, two is never better than one.

Words, so easily said. Things, so easily done.
For you at least.
I was wrong I guess, that it would be hard too.
Imbecile much.
I guess, it's just a difference I gotta bear with.

But what if, I have done the same?

Wait, no. I know I wouldn't.
I'll never do that.
I'll never ever do that.
What's forgotten would remain forgotten.

If it was as simple as you put it... then shall we?


Once upon a time, I considered staying - for you.

But right now,

I can't wait to leave this place - I wished there was a midnight flight.

Where I could fly to Manchester... or New York, where you're at.

No where else I'd rather be.


Why is it that, he never listens to your screams inside?
And why is it that,
he never sees the tears you cry?

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