Friday, February 26, 2010

It's yesterday once more.

This is wayyyy backdated. Well, just a week actually. Was shopping with my Mom when I spotted this. And I couldn't take my hands off the box already the moment I saw it. In fact, I was holding two boxes straight away - one for me, and one for the Cousin of course. Cuz I figured that could definitely be a birthday present she'd love so so much. (Later on she insisted she still must receive something from me on the exact day itself so it didn't really make any difference eventually haha).

Kitty ちゃん!!

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Magazine (Technically, it's a box set).

And it came along with a I Hello Kitty tote bag too!! How can I not buy it! :O

The magazine rocks, seriously. It had the entire record of the very first Hello Kitty (Kitty-chan) goods till the ones that we have right now. Talk about old school :3

The 80's and 90's.

And guess what? The entire horizontal row? The Cousin and I have each of them haha wtf.

The Cousin insisted that I took a picture of this and posted it up cuz apparently it was her favourite page cuz these were handphone straps made accordingly to each of Japan's district.

They even have the latest version of Hello Kitty (or at least, the latest version of Hello Kitty available now) - Kitty Tartan. Beautiful :)

Seriously, the magazine makes you feel as if you want to own everything in there. Bloody expensive stuffs in there tho. Anyhoots, the bag still rocks big time :D

Oh, on an unrelated note, I have a very kiasu friend. I always knew kiasu-ness was in her. But I didn't know that she was that efficient in being kiasu, despite being far far away in Glassgow :P

Yes, it was posted on my Facebook after my bruise post.

Btw, I miss you woman. When are you finally coming home?

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