Thursday, February 25, 2010

I wanna be the one for you cuz you are the one.

What mentally disturbed people would do with cards: Think of really torturing games to play with one another.

It was supposed to be a very innocent dinner with A and the Cousin today till the Cousin (bloody itchy butt) randomly took out playing cards from her bag. And A, being the card addict, suggested we should play. Okay fine, so we played.

Everything was fine till ONE OF THEM (I can't remember which one of them was more mentally disturbed) suggested that we should play the drinking game. You know, the one where each gets a card and puts it on their foreheads, guessing whose cards are bigger than the rest. Well, we didn't have drinks with us, so the more mentally disturbed one among them said we shall make pinching the punishment.

It got bloody addictive. Till we moved to the poolside of my house from the restaurant and played till 12am. Stupid game got us playing for 3 hours straight wtf. Well, in the end? Me, being the least mentally disturbed among them all became the greatest victim.

Minor bruises, when everything could still be considered fine.

A's poorly pinched hands.

He looks like he has multiple love bites on both arms haha! It ain't really obvious in the picture, but haha it was really funny.

Well, the Cousin's one wasn't too obvious but heck, she now has a huge bump on her arm. Yes, it got swollen. HAHA.

And mine?

Shut up, I know I have hairy hands :x

Yes, I look as if I got abused. Bloody hell, it seems as if some blood vessels in there have burst or something haha wtf.

Bloody pin tai shit game. Well, guess what? This game is now officially banned (well, the card game is fine but not the pinching) till Flo is back. She'll definitely get pinched. We swear.

Ang Pei Ling, you're the next victim before Flo comes home.


Peiling said...

OMG..Bloody scary weyyy!!!!!I laughed when i saw the pictures until i saw my name was mentioned. T.T

princessKamen said...

well, u can imagine.. aaron yap. you should know how pin tai it became. bloody fucker can pinch damn hard i swear. you can ask miki. my hand until today still blue black :x

don't worry, you'll get it too, very soon :D

Peiling said...

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I had enough of bruises already!!!! T.T