Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hold me now, don't bother if every minute makes me weaker.

Yes, definitely.

Why so? It is Tuesday night and I have 8 articles waiting for me to rape read them. Got to be done preparing for my legal debate this coming Saturday morning by Thursday night. And now, I'm even having second thoughts on Hennessy Artistry. (Oh yeah, the first Hennessy event will be this Friday night @Opera).

But, if I do try my best to complete my preparations, I will be able to make it. But the thing is, the debate is on the next morning itself. FML. Imagine walking into the debate still intoxicated. I don't think there's even a need for a script by that time haha!

But, but... it's Hennessy Artistry :(

Sigh. My life is constantly filled with dilemmas. Oh, and then there's Law Ball. FML x2

On a brighter note, here's something pretty funny which I found. Let's hope no kids read my blog, or rather - this post teehee :)

Hahaha fucking funny! Oops.

It is a very versatile word indeed, suitable to be used at any situations hahaha wtf. And you must really watch this! It's funny, really. Especially from 1:20 haha. There was another one which I've seen before on Facebook where it was an Indian teacher teaching his students about the word haha x)

I'm a very good girl, really. Trust me ;p

Oh, oh! And I have tumblr! Okay, I admit, I've had it for quite some time already. Just that I was confused on how to use it in the beginning. And now that I've (kinda) figured out the way it works, I'm proud to announce that - I can has tumblr! :D

Sigh. Better start on reading. But my eyes are drooping alreadyyyyyy. Help, anyone? :((

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