Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And big girls don't cry.

I wished I could be like Barney.

You know what?

I think the destination can wait.

The destination's too great a place.

But there's too many obstacles.

Obstacles I could never speak of, obstacles I've long foreseen.

With villains I can never battle over.

Villains who seem like heroes.

Why is the road so bumpy?

So bumpy that sometimes,

I feel like getting off the ride.

Thus giving up the destination which is so beautiful indeed.

This time, I'm resolute.


No, they'll never understand - they never will. They think you like it. They think you want it. They think you think it's simple. And all they do is to look at you in such a way that you feel so powerless.

You know what?

Fuck them all.

Wait till I'm in UK. I don't care if I have to work my ass off for it.

I swear I'll get one myself. I fucking hell swear I will.

Watch me.

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