Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kiss me all night, don't ever let me go.

Finally, I have the time to settle down and blog for a bit. Have been crazily busy through the entire week. The first half of the week, I've been rushing like a mad cow to complete my assignments before Thursday.

Oh, speaking about Thursday... that was a black hole in my life which I wish to censor off very very much. It's pretty much censored in my head but I'd prefer it if it were censored off everyone else's heads too. Put me on an alcohol ban, seriously. (Okay, I kinda broke it the next night already).

Note to Secret Lover, don't ever think of the 7 tequila shots. I'll die.

So things got better on when Friday came. (I thought I was about to die the morning I woke up and almost puked at literally anything). Friday night was Law Ball!

Our theme was Heaven & Hell. Quite obvious where I fall under, but somehow... I ended up sitting over at Heaven. Must be fate :D

Pictures pictures! (Again, the rest of the pictures will be on Facebook).

Pei Ling & I

With the boys :)

Tangkap basah! *inside joke*

With J :)

Us three!
So much for the hard work with those gargoyles (which were later named Ah Boy, for some reason).

The controversial picture (and our secret evil bitchy plan) tsk tsk

Delia looks so cute here!


My beloved partner throughout Year 1 and Year 2.

Us being very vain in the washroom x)

Asshole. I so remember which pose came next.
*throws a whole bunch of profanities*

Joey & Maxine

With J, again :)

Adelin, forever being late.

I'm too lazy to upload pictures to Blogger already, so I think this shall suffice for my blog post :P

Enjoyed myself very, very much all through Friday till Sunday. And those two nights I had, I love em. Let's hope there'll be more of nights like that ♥ ♥ ♥

And Saturday afternoon, it was lunch with the Cousin. She was queen of the day, but just for one day. That one day when we choose not to bully her (haha!)

The Cousin and her very beloved balloons (which were often stolen by us without her knowing).

Haha I remember a kid was dashing towards her trying to get her balloons! Hahaha x)

Yes, she made it a must for me to come with a Hello Kitty and Elmo balloon on her birthday despite the fact that I have long given her her birthday present. And that rule had been made a month before her birthday even came. Hahaha that's my very cute and very lame Cousin.

Hope you enjoyed your birthday babe. Lovesss.

Okay, end of update. Hopefully this compensates for the recent lack of update. And please, do not bother asking what happened on Thursday night. I'd very much choose to have a selective loss of memory. Thank you.


dlt2 said...

hey hey hey hold back on the profanities ok. it's not good to swear at others

must you publish such un-awesome tangkap basah photos of me?

princessKamen said...

yes. that's revenge for cheating in front of me.
didn't even bother to cheat behind my back. you jerk :P

LeeSZ said...

tsk tsk~ 蓝色 is the IN color~

Peiling said...

I know what happened on thursday night.The most ugly and chau tut k in her life. LOL make sure there is second times or more la k?!hahaha

princessKamen said...

and we all know who :)

shaddap. no more 2nd time. never in my life. what happens in maison stays in maison.