Saturday, March 13, 2010

Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed.

Sometimes, you can't really blame us. Blame the 8am classes. Thank god they're bringing it to some other day, some other time. I'm so glad they did.

We all look pretty lifeless in class. Mind you, it was 8am.

Look, Pei Ling (along with Dave) took this when I was... let's just put it this way, giving my eyes some rest. Therefore, the both o them weren't being attentive. Then there's Jamie who's busy texting. And that's Jo-Shua behind most probably dozing off with his face down. There's Maxine in front of me, being busy with her face. And lastly, there's J who just woke up from giving his eyes some rest and is trying very hard to be attentive.

(If you're wondering where Mia is, she's still at home hahaha)

Conclusion: Nobody is actually successful in being attentive during a Company law class.

And sometimes, it really leads to very stoned conversations. For some reasons, J was constantly talking about cherries for almost 2 weeks already. Somehow, during class, it came to a point where this conversation took place. He randomly brought up this question,

Why must it be cherries? If it's popping cherries for girls then what is it for guys? Peeling bananas?

I was completely wtf-ed. Pawned (lol). But figured it kinda made a bit of sense. Yes, this is what Company class does to us.

Oh, but it's a completely different story after class.

Lunch at Garden @Curve :)

Very much awake.

Haha so cute!

The woman playing with my huge shades.


Apparently her hair grew slightly longer. Please do not cut it anymore.

I'm so hungry. Does anyone have food? :(



Peiling said...

LOL.Why do i always have sth chau tut huh??!!hahaha

princessKamen said...

you are damn fast. i just uploaded this a while ago hahaha!
hmmm, it's a sign. ur chau tut :P

Peiling said...

=.=""" how would i knw.I simply open ur blog and check for update only.

princessKamen said...

so ngam. less than a minute ago :P
but i added chinese lyrics down there :P:P

Tran Huyen Tran said...

woman, you're so evil. Why can't you just leave the pity little girl (Mia)alone? Look what you said about the decent girl (Mia) ,at that moment when you all were playing around, sitting at the first row paying all her attention to the inspiring lecture.

princessKamen said...


i think she was sitting in the front row paying attention in dreamland :P