Monday, March 01, 2010

You'll be dearly missed, forever.

You were the most awesome lecturer us Year 2 students could ever have.
You were the bestest friend we could ever find in a lecturer.

Now that you left, who would be there to be the chairman of our CFC (Completely Effed Club)?
Now that you left, it feels so weird not attending classes... when it is such a norm for people like us.
Now that you left, who would be walking into our lecture hall with a cup of coffee, with the backpack you've always said you wanted to change?
Now that you left, who would be there to make us very anxious for the "hallelujah" you always said - which signifies the dismissal of classes?
Now that you left, who else would make us bribe just to pass our exams?

How can this be true, when I just saw you joking around with us earlier this morning? Till now, I still can't believe that it would be the last I would have seen of you, Sir.

I'm so sorry that I was never a good student. But Sir, I'm sure you'll be proud of this and will be very surprised. I completed my assignments two weeks ago, without a single bit of hesitation. I'm not the black sheep after all :)

I promise, if this was all a joke, I'd attend every class of yours without missing a single one - ever.

May you Rest in Peace sir, our very beloved Tort & Land Law lecturer - Mr. Anandth. We will definitely miss you, and all the jokes you made in class, and how great of a lecturer you were to all of us students.

Love, Year 2 2010.

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