Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tap on my window, knock on my door, I wanna make you feel beautiful.

I think I'm starting to take a liking to Wings Cafe.
It's pretty much a nice place to chill with friends over some drinks, with the singer singing any song you want.
Just makes me feel very comfortable there that I think I can sit there whole night with my bestest friends (and this includes the infamous Cousin of course) :D
Occasionally thinking very hard which song I wanna hear.

Bliss :)

P/S. Dear Secret Lover, sadly though, it ain't a place for you and I - just you and I alone. Cuz we belong to a place, with very loud music as we cucuk langit after being intoxicated with alcohol in the system and maybe some poison - our poison, you always liked to call it. When it's just the both of us. Our very public affair ♥ ♥


阿光 said...

eh! wingz cafe nice mehz?? i went there i think like 5years ago, the food was terrible and we banned it ever since! lol, so did it improved??

princessKamen said...

woman why suddenly changed name!
not bad wei the place. well, i've only tried the food once and it was -okay-... i just like the ambience over there. very relaxing :)