Tuesday, May 04, 2010

话总说不清楚, 该怎么明了?

- 旧帐总翻不完, 谁无理取闹?

Fell in love with this song already the first time I heard it on the radio. There are English subtitles in this video, but mind the English translations. Let's just say, they're not exactly the best translations you have around :)

背对背包拥抱 (Back to Back Hug) - JJ 林俊杰 (JJ Lin)

One of the good emo songs they still have around nowadays. It has a very sad and lonely rhythm to it, somehow. Try sparing 4 minutes and listen to it :) ♥ ♥


While we can still hug
Let's not give it up so easily.

Cuz I don't wanna wait till time catches up with me,
Cuz it'll be too late by the time I turn back.

I don't wanna lose this race.
Cuz I've been told that
Nobody wins a race against Time.

So I'd steal any minute or second that I could have with you.
Cuz I'm running out of time,
And I need you with me.


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