Saturday, May 01, 2010

Thanks for loving me, cuz you're doing it perfectly.

I am now officially sick. Well technically, I've been sick for the past 3 days already. Am down with a very bad sore throat, horrible cough and a very annoying flu. Have been spam eating all sorts of medicines and bugging people if I would die after eating everything one shot haha wtf.

Somehow, I engaged myself into a few rather attention seeking activities the minute I'm sick. And well, the only people who layan-ed me were Pei Ling and the Secret Lover. Well, I did try to seek attention from two other people but it was a major fail haha. My dad hung up before I could start seeking attention and A replied that he's in the gym along with a ttyl. Big time fail.

Pei Ling was the nice one who brought me to eat porridge when I was craving for it (besides the fact that she was waiting for my voice to change so that she can laugh at it) and the Secret Lover actually bothered telling me what and what not to do.

ĴØŇ says:
*wahh someone's finally sick huhu
*poor u
*too bad im not here if nt MAYBE can take care of u

kamen says:
*what finally. u sound so happy T_________T
*i damn kelian ok

ĴØŇ says:
*haiyo i not there ma
*so i cant do much

kamen says:
*do you think i'll die
*if i take panadol and pain killer and cough meds and the chinese thing?

ĴØŇ says:
*i edi told u dun take panadol
*pain killer n cough meds can la
*dun take western mix wid chinese

kamen says:
*pain killer is worse than panadol
*but i edi took chinese n the cough meds
*just haven take painkiller n panadol

ĴØŇ says:
*lol then i will pray for u

HAHAHA. Damn funny, he didn't know how else to layan anymore and he resorted to that. Sigh. I hate being sick. I've missed out on two parties on two consecutive nights already due to the horrible state that I am in. One on Thursday and another on Friday. Damn.

I really hate being sick :(

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