Monday, May 17, 2010

Darling cuz you'll always be my baby.

It's at times like this when I wished I had powers like

Disapparating from Harry Potter or the "Anywhere Door" from Doraemon

Or simply a cab to KLIA with a bundle of cash.

So that I can buy a one way to NYC.

Caught me every time I fall.

You've never failed in doing that, haven't you?

Even when it wasn't intentional.

Seriously, it scares me how well you know me love.


But then again, if I were to fly there right now, it'll be very much pointless cuz you'll be boarding the flight home the day after I reach wtf. And you'll most probably tell me I'm too fat to fit into your luggage anyway, knowing you -_______-

But I'm really grateful to have you. I didn't have to say anything and you'd know. Despite the hangover you're having right now haha. And yay to our escape plan! Am liking the way it sounds :D

Thank you love, for always knowing how. Looking forward to your homecoming, in approximately 3 days :)

I'll resort to my pillow for now. Haha stupid joke.

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