Sunday, May 23, 2010

And if I ask nice can I take you home with me?

Sorry for the long delay in updates. Have been busy for the past few days. Or rather, I was just out for the past few days and passing out pretty much early during the night haha. So, updates!

Finally partied with the Secret Lover (yes he's home) last night, and it was an insane night. It had been ages ago since I was last this tipsy and it had been too long since I've actually enjoyed myself in a party (considering my past two failed partying experiences). Really had fun big time. And of course, there was the Secret Lover too :D

Took pictures like there was no tomorrow and therefore, all could be found in Facebook. Here's just a small extract (wtf) from the album haha. What to do, vainpots and camwhores :P

Heh. In the car :)

I was bored and I wanted to annoy him :D

Picked Pei Ling up and headed to Bangsar for yam char to wait for time to pass.

Too busy to layan us.

That gave us more reasons to camwhore heheh. Then, we headed over to Maison close to 11pm. I swear, the nonsense that I had to put up with in the car :P

Loser shit.

Mata sepet.

The thing bout him is, he can never take the flash. His eyes literally squints (or sometimes it closes) when the shutter is pressed. Noob.


Somehow Pei Ling enjoys it when he annoys me wtf T__________T

Erm, can intoxication be an explanation to this?

Jon kacau gila.

See what I mean? :P

I love his tee. Some funny shit haha.

With the guys :)


In the car, with smudged make up and ugly hair.

You are not alone wtf. MJ after so long (inside joke) And so that was my night. With a bad headache the next day :(

I can't wait for exams to be over. Seriously.

Ah, and they played Nothing On You :D

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