Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You'll always be a part of me, I'm a part of you indefinitely.

On a Tuesday noon, when I'm alone at home with no plans of going out, I should have been studying my ass off and burying my head into a random law textbook. But well, you know how things often turn out in a completely different way you thought it would be? Yeah, it happens.

And it happens to me all the time. Like this.

Yes, I ended up playing MSN games. Something ChingMun and I used to do very often when we're bored at night. Speaking of CM, I hate playing games with her. She's the one woman who I'll lose to no matter what game we play, since high school. Damn.

So when I was suppose to be studying and when the Secret Lover was suppose to be packing... heheh. Minesweeper is a stupid game to play cuz apparently it involves math. And that's what I suck at. So I decided to play a much simpler game.

Yea, that.

Well, I didn't win :(

So I thought I would win a game of Hexic.

Well, that was what I thought. Till his score zoomed sky high out of nowhere.

Hoho. Then I discovered something he isn't good at.

I love Sudoku. I used to play it everyday a while ago. Talk about lifeless (My lifelessness is a completely different story altogether).

Sigh. The things I resort to just to avoid studying. And now I'm here blogging just to buy myself time from studying. This is sad. My stomach is growling and I'm home alone with no food. Damn. This sucks.

And the worst thing is, post exams plans are playing in my head already. JY the rich bitch (inside joke) wants to go to Japan and Taiwan, the Secret Lover suggested Taiwan too , then the plan with the babes to Vietnam. And my trip to Penang to Flo baby? That's a must.

Sigh. Too many plans, too little cash. If only the sky would rain cash one day. What if I promise I won't be greedy? I'll just make sure I collect enough cash for all these places. HAHA.

And my feet, they're dying to dance.


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