Saturday, October 10, 2009

I couldn't find a reason.

So it was Marc's birthday bash last night over at Quattro, Winter. Don't ask why the pictures were all white, literally. Marc made it a rule that everyone had to wear all white with an accessory of any sort, including the guys.

Yea, you know the White Party you've seen in Season 2 of Gossip Girls? Yeap, something like that. Just that I didn't meet my Chuck last night hahaha wtf. Okay, yea back to the story.

It felt like a wedding party lol and the entire place was filled with people in white. So yea, Happy birthday Marc! I'm sure you enjoyed the party loads :D

With the birthday boy.

Eunice :-)

Jin and Julz.

Whenever I see Jin, I'll always tease him about "Is it an apple or a apple? This is hard." HAHAHA! Yea, the one you always hear on

In the Ice Bar with Sun and Ralph.

I'm godlike. I stayed in there for 10 minutes wearing that and it was -12 degrees inside.

Okay, I lied. I stole Ralph's coat hahaha.

White Snow Princess yo ftw!


With Jonnyha.

Somehow, his hair looks frosted here... must be the flash :-/

Freezing my ass off while this picture was taken. Just kiasu to get a decent shot at the bar haha!

I'm so so so sorry, I didn't mean to break your heart~

Failed sad expression when this song (Heartbreaker) was played lol.

Pretty Wendy.

She got me to sit on her legs and I was so worried I'd break it. Hahaha! I feel so fat next to her.

With Jin, Marc and Jeremie

I'm too lazy to upload pictures, again. Can I blame that Blogger is slow please? Okay, that was another lie. I'm just lazy. Facebook then ;-)

Oh ya, I know it'll really sound stupid but does this look like the Bubble Chair you can buy for 14k coins in Pet Society on Facebook? Hahaha! I'm sorry. I just couldn't help myself but to think that way when I saw all these bubble chairs. They look like eggshells in real life though. Wtf.

Heehee :D

I love love love my giant ribbon headband <3

Till then.


Jan said...

i like your ribbon hairband too!!! so cute~!!!!

princessKamen said...

hahaha thank youuu :)
i love it a lot too. got it the day itself.
but some say it's too big haha but i kept convincing myself party can be kua cheong a bit wtf.