Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This love is difficult, but it's real.

I know this is starting to get ridiculous already, and it sometimes creates confusion to people.

As stupid as it might sound, people kinda have the impression that I'm lesbian. It all started with me having tons of pictures with Flo when she was still here in Malaysia. We went everywhere together and did almost everything together. So yeah, I guess that was how it started.

Then it became worse when this happened.

See the relationship status? Yes, we thought it was fun at first.

Then friends started messaging me online asking what happened to me and all kinds of stuffs. It even went to a point when someone told me, "One sour grape doesn't mean that all grapes are sour. You don't have to resort to apples." Wtf. Very nice metaphor indeed.

And sometimes, I get messages like this on Facebook.


JY constantly alleges that I'm gay anyway, so I think I kinda proved his point when I changed the status wtf.

Then came this loser's comment.

Heh heh heh.

Actually, this isn't exactly untrue. Our personal conversations online would mostly sound like this (since we're miles apart now). My mom saw this, shook her head and walked off saying, "This gives me goosebumps."


Then, things turned hilarious when this happened.

Perfect example why you really shouldn't have your parents/relatives/adults related to parents on Facebook. It kinda tells a lot, unless you really have nothing to hide.

Fyi, I -do- have my mom on FB :DD

Yes, her friend's mom thought we were really lovers.

So now, to clear all confusions, I hereby declare that I am perfectly straight. No, not bi - I'm straight.

And I miss my Flo :3
And it doesn't mean that I do not love her still :3

I'm sorry that the pictures had to be so small. I have completely no idea how to enlarge them and make them clear enough to be read without the need to click on the image itself. Blame my very limited knowledge with computer related stuffs, my bad.

And I know, this is a completely pointless post but yeah,

Aku suka. *smug face*

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Peiling said...

buahahhaa..we have same prob.They asked:are u bi? and me:why? They: bcz u like jedx and mia at the same time...
=.="""""""" hahahahhaa
but funny though.kaka.