Saturday, October 17, 2009

Whisper to me, those sweet nothings you used to speak by my ears.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Haven't exactly been home early enough to post something up haha. My bad.

Sorry, it was just an excuse to stuff my vain picture in here haha. I just had to stuff it somewhere in this post.

It all started with a dinner plan and eventually ended up at MOS, which was a very sudden plan. It was actually MOS' first year anniversary hmmm. Being my second time there, it was kinda alright compared to the first time I was there. Unfortunately, the shitty trance music was still on though. Sorry, I'd really prefer R&B more.

And my apologies for the shitty quality of the pictures taken. My miserable efforts to snap pictures using my 3.2 mega pixels camera phone. I left my camera at home :(

Daniel and I with our VIP passes :DD

Well, VIP or not, it didn't make any much difference though haha

Ralph! Ugh, shitty flash.

Julz and Daniel :)

Sigh. Why isn't the blogshop replying me? It's been a week since I've mailed my enquiry and they never got back to me... I really liked the white headbands they had :(((

Oh I so love headbands <3

Apparently Jon said this colour doesn't suit me :(

But to think about it again, he never says nice stuffs to me :P

I don't know what's wrong with me. I've been feeling so lethargic. I sleep early, and wake up as late as possible whenever I can. I sleep the minute I get home from classes. (Okay, that's a lie. I lurk around Facebook and Twitter for a bit some time and then sleep till the night). And I still feel tired before midnight! Wtf.

Speaking of which, I really think that 8am classes should be banned. Or be made a sin, whichever is better. It's horrible to wake up when the sky is still dark and reach class with a rather dead face, sit through Company Law classes (another omfg) for two hours (yes, it's just 10am) and travel all the way back home. It's crazy. By the time I reach home, I wouldn't have even woke up on normal weekends! It's ridiculous. It takes a lot to pull myself up from bed every Friday morning. Damn I'm proud of myself.

Oh well.

And btw, Delia, why did you lock your blog! :O


Peiling said...

true!!delia!!why u lock ur blog???!!!ask me to set it public and u now make urs private pulak!!!hahaha and kamen!!MOS??!!!lolz......i thought u will never been there again.haha

princessKamen said...

hahaha right before dinner my friend called me and asked if i wanna go for the event after dinner. so oh well. hahahahahahaa