Thursday, October 22, 2009

Officially Missing You.

- you, you and you.

You know, I still think that 8am classes should be banned. Especially Company Law classes at 8am, which should be deemed impossible. Ethan, if you're reading this, please make this possible if you're ever elected okay?

Sigh. I miss Year 1 so much. Everyone seemed like a family then :((

Okay, moving on. Almost everyone knows this already. I'm addicted to Gossip Girl.

Everyone knows I'm in love with headbands that I now buy them uncontrollably (especially thsoe with ribbons/bows). I drag the Cousin to search for headbands with me every time we go out that she now has a few headbands herself too (She's not a headband kinda girl).

And everyone knows (this one I'm very sure everyone knows) that I'm very much in love with Chuck Bass. For those who don't know which one he is, he's the one standing at the rightest end. Oh gosh, how can anyone not love him? But honestly, these days, a guy like him would never be existing anymore. And even if he does, he's most probably gay.

Speaking bout Chuck, this reminds me of a conversation I had with A when I was babbling bout Chuck one day.

A: I bet if you ever meet a guy like Chuck, you wouldn't want to be dating him.

K: Why not?

A: He sleeps around with different girls every night.

K: It's okay. He's Chuck Bass.

A: -________-

Haha yea I know, wtf. Daym. Only those who watch GG would get the joke/pun :(( Oh well.

You know, if you're a guy and you think watchin GG is gay, think again. Months ago. Flo and I were just talking about GG when E said it was a nice show to watch and A laughed at E saying he was gay. Oh, look now who's the one who finished Season 2 in such a short time and drooling over Serena.

Oh, and do you know that the girl who sang Good Girls Go Bad with Cobra Starship was actually Blair (Leighton Meester)? She looked so hot in the vid. Damn, I love that song.

Boy, you're dangerous.
You're the type I'd be stupid to trust.
Just one night wouldn't be so wrong ♪♪

And sometimes, I get lost,
Floating aimlessly as days pass me by.
So please let me
Sink into my own whirlpool of emotions
and settle deep down
In those might have been's.


Junk©Trash™ said...

woohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!wahahahakakakaka, i totally get this post~~
damn, it has become my daily habit to decode your blog man...damn cham

princessKamen said...

hahaha i'm so sorry that my blog is pretty metaphorical/confusing/cryptic at times :((
but once you get the hang of it, you'll most probably manage to decode everything hehe.
hint: since u understand the colour codes, it shuold be fine :)
it's good to train ur lawyer-to-be brain :P

Peiling said...

Lolz lolz lolzz...!!!I think i got the initial name correct!!fun fun fun

Peiling said...

and GG!!ahahhahaa.