Friday, October 23, 2009

ne m'oubliez pas.

- s'il vous plait.

This might have been the Cousin and I almost 17 years ago.

Perhaps we'll never be too old for these.

Ooh, I'm in PD right this moment. Barbeque party (sorta) tonight! Let's hope it'll be fun :DD

This is a scheduled post. But you know what? Despite it being a scheduled post (meaning I've actually typed this a night before and scheduled for it to be posted at this time, i.e 6.30 pm) I have a feeling that I'm already very tired at PD. I woke up at 6.30 am, goddamnit. Okay, I think I should stop whining about the 8am classes.

Till I'm home :-)

P.S. Let's hope I don't get reminded of the freaky stories in PD that Daniel told me about last week during dinner.


Peiling said...

hahahahaha. i actually missing bout ur blog and thought that u wouldnt have post when u're away.And it proved i'm wrong.hehe

princessKamen said...

ahahaha oops :x
just so that you don't miss me too much :P