Saturday, October 24, 2009

You could be a sweet dream, or a beautiful nightmare.

but either way, I don't wanna wake up from you.

The princess is back!

Gosh, I'm dead tired. Barely slept the night before. This is the second time in my life when I've done this (First time was somewhere this year too). As in, not sleeping the entire night... or technically, only sleeping for a maximum of three hours.

As I've mentioned earlier, I had 8am classes, which I attended of course. *muka proud* Which meant that I had to wake up at around 6.30. Yes, I slept at 6am and woke up at 9am the same day. Well, technically it was today :S

Don't ask why. I look horrid. At a ridiculous stage beyond dead where my eyes are surrounded by black... stuffs. Annoying stuffs called eye bags.

PD trip was fine... but I definitely missed my bed at home! Didn't manage to take many pictures cuz it was pretty inconvenient. You know, how honey gets to your fingers when you BBQ and all. So yeah.

On an unrelated note, I'm missing Akon's concert (which is most probably going on right now) by just that bit! A friend sent me a message online a night ago saying he has extra tix for the gig, but I only saw it when I got home today. Omfg. :((

I really like Akon's songs! I still remember the first song I heard from him was Mr Lonely. And there was this frenzy where everyone would be screaming like the chipmunk voice in the Chorus part haha. Goddamnit. By just that one miserable bit. Sigh. Till the next time he comes I guess. Sigh. Oh well, I guess all I could do now is to play his songs and (maybe) dance to the music alone in my room haha wtf loner.

Oh I'm so tired.


Peiling said...

lolzz..I also just got back from genting.tired tired!!

Junk©Trash™ said...

wah wah...all got activities to nice...i just got back from diner and have a freggin headache...T T

Jan said...

I am proud of you too~~ i always skip 8am classes.. even if i slep at 12am. And i only need to wake up at 7.15 to rush to the class ><

princessKamen said...

always running around here and there. studyyyy hahaha wtf.

we shall plan activities together next time! :D

haha i feel proud of myself too. but we'll see how long this semangat will last, cuz i feel it fading already hahahaha