Monday, October 26, 2009

Just hold on tight.

Yes, my PD trip. It was a pretty decent trip, besides the fact that I didn't really get to take many pictures. I'm too tired (and lazy) to type so yea, I shall delegate (wtf) this to the very rare amount of pictures that I have to upload. Basically, it's mostly camwhore pics of the Cousin and I. Teehee.

Us having nothing to do in the car on the way there.

In our room :D

The sunset :-)

The Emo Lion.

Yummy chicken wingssss!

Couz dozing off in the car on the journey home.

Yes, almost everyone was sleeping in the car on the way home. I fell asleep the minute the journey back to KL started heh.

Nothing much have been happening lately, really. Except for the fact that I really feel like catching a movie one day - just that I don't know what hehe.

Sigh. I feel like this post is so much like one of those cheating posts I sometimes have. You know, one of those occasions where I feel so lazy to update, I just randomly find something and post it up to consider it an update. Oh well.

I love this headband. Heehee. Ooh, I just remembered that my Japanese classes are starting again tomorrow. Holidays ended so soon (It was just a month). I love holidays :((

I'm such a lazy bum.


Junk©Trash™ said...

arghhhhhhhhhhhh....i wan learn japanese~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its just one of those comments i decide not to comment much but post random signs...
there. i did it. XD

Peiling said...

hahahaha.omg delia is sooo cincai la!!!!btw ur headband damn cute laaa.hehehee

Jan said...

i love your purple hairband!!! where did you get it T_T

princessKamen said...

hahaha why la post random signs :(
is it -that- uncommentable haha.
and what's with the random thought to learn jap huh? :P

thank youuuu. i love it a lot too :3

i got it from Diva. there were 3 colours: black, purple and pink. get it while it's still there! heehee