Friday, October 30, 2009

You belong with me.

It was Orientation for us Year 2 again, you know the conventional ice breaking, getting to know you kinda thing. We got our Year 1 lecturers to join us in some of the games too. Sigh, I miss Year 1 so much :((

We were all randomly divided into groups and had to play some games (apparently, it's so that we know each other better). And of course, we won (duh). We did have some great laughs while the kiasu bit of us were trying to win each game. Like how we all had to make costumes and do some make up for one of our group members and they eventually had to model it. And like how we had to do the stupid dance for the lala song by Leon Lai.

Dave! The one who had to put up with all my nonsense in class everyday heheh x)

Some of the girls ;-)

Kellie! She was so bothered with buying her butter the entire morning, just so that she could make sandwiches for the event wtf.

Some of us doing random stuffs with the shelf. Poor Hiu Kei, she was lifted off her feet.

Some game where we had to each pass as many rubber bands as possible with a stick using our mouths. No hands involved of course.

Everyone looked so funny cuz they looked as if they were gonna make out with one another haha wtf.

With Adelin and Hiu Kei

Group 10 ftw!!!

(Left to right):

Qing Wei (Harry Potter), Dickson (Loser), Hiu Kei (best partner ever), Adelin (lazy bum who disappears after break) and Kean Fatt (Marilyn Monroe cum Amy Winehouse)

Kellie in the progress of making our very own Amy Winehouse.

(It was suppose to be Marilyn Monroe, and apparently he has huge boobs wtf).

Group shot, with all of us group members! :D

Had some finger food, and loads of fun I would say. At least it didn't bore me :-)

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