Thursday, April 01, 2010

And I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket.

It's April Fools' peeps!

So who are you planning to fool today? Or are you the one getting fooled?

Frankly, it's very annoying that I've always been the one being fooled. And only this very gullible friend of mine falls for my tricks :(

And she goes by the name Li Hong, in case you didn't know.

But now that she's far away from me in Melbourne, I think I kinda lost my target :(

No, this is not Li Hong.

But anyhoots, enjoy fooling your friends today peeps (while I start coming up with something which people will actually fall for)! :D

And since it's April Fools, I think it's quite appropriate for me to share this picture over here haha. Well, cuz I personally find it quite funny. (You wouldn't get the joke if you haven't heard the "A Whole New World" song in Aladdin).

Haha wtf.

And speaking of April, guess what?

It's another month off the calendar, which means that my loves are coming home sooner than you think! Well, technically its a month plus more for the Secret Lover and 2 months plus (sigh) for Flo. But heck, I can't wait till that day comes :D

P/S. Dear Secret Lover, had you heard of curiosity killing the cat? Cuz I think I'm the cat right now. I guess one month plus is a very long time to wait for a surprise to come :P

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Peiling said...

LOL.. Can I be the second cat??!! But i want the most is the expression of some other people ahh!!Ngek Ngek