Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The sweetest sadness in your eyes, clever trick.

I'm so sleep deprived recently that I fall asleep at times when I don't even realise it. I can fall asleep in class and not know that I did. I never knew it was that hard to keep my eyes open. Don't ask me why I'm so sleep deprived cuz I don't really know why. (I wished I could blame it on assignments though but now that it's over... oh well). I've been sleeping for less than 5 hours a day recently and I don't even know the reason why. Talk about pathetic.

It's sad that I don't get enough sleep everyday. Don't tell me to sleep early, it's not something possible. So the only way is to wake up late. That is another mission impossible. During the weekends when my mom doesn't work (and I am free from the obligations of attending classes), she would wake me up and when I ask her why, she'll tell me cuz she was bored and I seemed like I was sleeping happily. FML.

But then, there are also days when I get to sleep in for a bit cuz classes only start at 12pm on certain days. Just when I thought I could get some sleep happily without any disturbance, the bloody people upstairs just had to renovate the damn house and drill holes early morning. That noise is bloody annoying. Double FML.

I need sleep. I love sleeping. They really should cancel the week's classes and let us poor students sleep in. Or maybe, cancel off the 8am classes. That would do just fine. You know, I used to think that sleeping was a total waste of time when I was young. I even used to tell my mom that I don't wanna sleep cuz I could make use of that time to do something else more productive (trust me, back then I even considered studying). How imbecile. Don't know what went wrong in the growing up process. HOW CAN SLEEPING BE A WASTE OF TIME? IT'S A VERY GOOD USE OF TIME.

Everybody loves sleeping. I need to stop being sleep deprived.

Yes, this is a very cheating post cuz I currently have no idea what to blog about. Actually I do. Just that I'm not in a mood to construct a decent post right now. So this would do for now, till I finally get the mojo back. And half of the time, I don't know what I'm talking about in this post.

At the same time, I feel so restless. I'm too lazy to even sleep (I don't know wtf it means but yeah). My mind constantly thinks of things which I don't really have to think about instead of focusing on the more important stuffs. It just... drifts away sometimes. Okay, most of the time.

I can't take it any longer. Good night.

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Jan said...

OH! what you say is what exactly is in my mind =D