Sunday, January 10, 2010

Your faith walks on broken glass.

I knew this feeling. It happens to me most of the time, or rather almost every time I should say. Let's just put it this way, things were never meant to be perfect, even if I think they were.

I don't know why it bothers me. Perhaps it's me being too into this that I'm losing self control. Perhaps it's just too important to me that it matters so much. I should've known, I should've known better never to let myself fall the same way I did. It made me realise once again that things will not be okay just because I think it is.

I'm walking so carefully, as if I were to step onto crushed glass the very next step I take forward. But I never wanna go back to my old ways again. Cuz I definitely do not want this to be another repetitive page in the chapter.

This feeling is seeping into me again. The same feeling which I knew too well, the feeling that usually deceives my mind into doing stupid things which never goes well with what we call happy endings.

This is not happening.

有时候, 也许一个人会更快乐.
有时候, 也许一个人才不会有束缚.
有时候, 也许习惯了像刺蝟般的自我保护


Oh, and a very random one. A song which the Cousin have recently sent to me. I think PL might like it :-P

其实你很爱她, 对我的惩罚
说你没有想她, 是可怜我吧?
我已没有借口, 只能放手, 不能奢求你说爱我,

其实你很爱她, 她很温柔吗?
其实你很想她, 就说出口吧
我已不想多说, 嗚住耳朵 
不想再次听到你说, 你很爱她.

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