Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fly me to the moon.

This is what assignments do to you. You end up doing stupid things online.

Stupid. He said Johnny Depp ain't hot.

How dare you. You're a Jon/Jonny/Johnny yourself too! Then you ain't hot, hmph (like I didn't know that already). I think I shall stick to Jon instead haha. I'd very much prefer that instead. Just doesn't sound right x)

P/S. Johnny Depp is still sexy.

Hahaha! The unintentional act cute face which I intentionally took! :P

Okay, a normal picture :)

An hour (or so) later, I decided to continue attempting my assignments when he, went for breakfast at 4 am his time. Crazy. If you're wondering, yeap, this is the secret lover <3

Hmmmm... this is so true.

Okay, back to assignments!

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