Sunday, January 24, 2010

There's so much time to figure out the rest of my life.

So it was Manshan's 21st birthday celebration last night at Helo Bali. Don't ask why it was there cuz none of us knew. Supposed to be at Changkat but some last minute changes were made, so yea... we somehow ended up there.

Weird music, weird crowd, weird lighting. Thank god we were one bunch of fun people (hahaha!)

It was the first time I got so wasted I think I was on the verge of being drunk. Head was spinning, the feeling of almost puking was baadddddd. Surprisingly, despite my head spinning already, the first thing I did when I got home was to Facebook. Talk about lifeless. Sub consciously posted something on the Secret Lover's wall (which I did not remember till the next morning and went "oh fuck" the next day when I saw it), showered and passed out on the bed already.

The birthday boy with the girls :)

Jamie was somehow missing in the picture haha.

Amanda and Kellie :D

Andy! Oh, it was Phuture's 1 year Anniversary last night, I didn't know :x

Pictures on Facebook :)


Thanks you for last night. If it weren't for you, I think I would have woken up by the side of some road in Sunway already this morning.
Thank you lots


Speaking of which, guess what? I got my very first compliment from the Secret Lover last night. (It had always been insults, and only insults).

You caught me by surprise :P

And we had this (quite) stupid conversation which I found pretty funny (and pointless) at that time.

ĴØŇ says (3:56 PM):
*ur the only child rite

.....heart, kamen says (3:57 PM):

ĴØŇ says (3:57 PM):
*in some ways spoiled

.....heart, kamen says (3:58 PM):

ĴØŇ says (3:58 PM):
*ur parents nvr emphasize the letter J to u then now
*u want J
*u find J unconsciously

.....heart, kamen says (3:59 PM):
*no la
*i dont know whats wrong with me n J's
*must be smtg i did in my past life or smtg

ĴØŇ says (4:00 PM):
*like what
*hunt down all the guy's named J?

.....heart, kamen says (4:00 PM):
*maybe i was some ninja
*and killed everyone with the name J
*so now karma

Yes, that's how futile our conversations can be sometimes heheh -_______-

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