Sunday, January 31, 2010

I walk this empty street on the boulevard of broken dreams.

Attended BAT (British American Tobacco)'s first event in year 2010 - Define last night at KL Life Center. My very first BAT event actually. Luckily we had the VIP invites, therefore it was less crowded and less stuffy, and they had the fan thingy upstairs! Free flow was good, the music was not bad, a pretty decent night. But Angeline came so late, I had to leave by that time already T________T

As usual, I'm too lazy to upload the pictures over here in Blogger, so I'll just share a bit of some here, the rest will all be on Facebook :-)

Cool right!

With Mel

Sun and Peanut :D

Jin from Hitz :)

Angelineeeeee, who never fails to be late :C

Small part of the crowd downstairs.

Our polaroid!
(With Sun, Peanut and Julz)

Yeap, so that was the night. I left early though :)

On a side note, Pei Ling, your song still never fails to emofy me all the time. And I mean all the time. Stupid girl. And speaking of songs, I really like this part of a song I've recently heard. Well, not exactly recently... I've been hearing this song so often I could almost sing the whole song but only paid attention to its lyrics a few days ago. Just as emo hahaha x)

Anyone who could guess which song this is? Teehee :P



Peiling said...

U had a great night.I have been away from clubs for ages.Urghhh...Ngek negk that song is the theme song of the 'Gong Sam Gai' right??I know i'm smart!!HOHO

princessKamen said...

yes, its about time u start hitting the clubs again :P
yeap, right song. lovin it :D