Saturday, January 02, 2010

You and I could write a bad romance.

Almost a year ago, I was sitting in Starbucks @Gardens till a very old grandmother came up to me. She was so frail and spoke in a very faint voice, asking if I could spare her some money cuz she haven't ate for ages. So I fished out a RM 5 note and gave it to her. She told me it wouldn't be enough to get food. I figured she kinda made sense and gave her a RM 10 note instead.

The moment I passed her the money, she fled off, literally. I think if she wanted, she could even run faster than me.

Through the entire year, I've seen her walking around tables (usually around places like Delicious or Starbucks) AND coming over to my table where I was sitting, asking for money with the same excuse. Flo herself almost got conned. I think this happened for about....three times?

Last week, I was waiting for the bus with the Cousin behind Orchard Road. I thought I saw a very familiar face staring at us. When I was about to tell the Cousin that I saw a familiar face, that familiar face came over to the both of us and said in Chinese, "Could you spare popo some money to take the bus? Popo is very hungry, no money to take bus..."

I swear it was her.

From Malaysia to Singapore? She must be rich from all those con jobs, and definitely not hungry.


Jan said...

LOL! bwahaha all these stuffs seems to happen sometimes huh XD
I also got conned in sg before.. the popo told me she got no money to go home.. and i gave 5sgd.. T_T

princessKamen said...