Monday, January 04, 2010

You spin my head right round, right round.

To my not so secret lover,

See, this is another post for you, so that you can't be complaining anymore. I'm sorry I haven't been online for the past few days and we didn't manage to catch up on each other. We're in different time zones and you'll only be online when I'm asleep. But I want you to know, it ain't easy maintaining this long distance thing while you're miles away, and despite the horrible fact that you are only returning somewhere in May. Feels like you've been gone forever :(

Stupid boy, enjoying life over there... travelling around California and Los Angeles - without me. I hate you. Oh, and yes, I hate you for saying all those mean things too. But as you said, it's pretty much a love hate thing :P

A very belated Happy New Years to you, love

Only you would understand this picture - J will always stick with K

P/S. Come online! There's something I need to tell you about!


Love, hime.

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