Saturday, July 24, 2010

The club can't even handle me right now.

My apologies for the lack of updates, or rather - lack of pictures recently. I've been out so often that I don't even have the time to actually sit down and think of what to blog about. Okay, I was just lazy or too tired to blog.

Okay, as most of you already know it was Flo baby's return to KL again, just for the weekend (like, two weeks ago?).


And well, just few days ago, we had one of our most awesome night out together, like finally. Try imagining a simple yam char session which ended up being a partying night. Yes, we only wore our normal tops, shorts for some, flats and as for me, my roxy sandals. Oh, and not forgetting CM's long dress which reached till her ankle. And our very, very minimal makeup which have already been smudged/faded horribly through the day.

Nothing can beat the randomness of this night. Oh and the erm, stupidity. Thank god the album could only be accessed by the four of us. Otherwise, I think I should really start digging a hole and bury myself there.

Our group pic!!
Sigh I love these lovelies.

Haha Xin looks cute here!

Lesson learnt: Never ever, as in, NEVER dance next to Chingy. Let's just say... she selectively has very bad balancing skills. If you get what I mean. Else, you might risk having your erm, lower bodily part injured. It's either you get terribly injured that way, or the people next to you would glare at you angrily due to the constant banging into people.

I wonder when's the next time we'll ever ever have a night like this again, with everyone leaving the country already :(

Got home at 3.30am and finally managed to sleep at 5am. A few hours later, all of us met up (again) for lunch with LiHong the Donkey at Rakuzen @Plaza Damas before she flies off again. We were so lucky to have the whole room to ourselves, cuz we were so L-O-U-D. All the laughing and shouting. Sigh, sometimes, I miss those days when we were back in school :)

Chingy, being extremely happy that it was her last day of work, insisted that she had to get back to work cuz she was already 1 hour late. Eventually, this happened on the way back to work:

Smelly: Eh, wind down the windows so that it seems more real. Like we're stranded by the side of the road.

Chingy: *winds down window and dials number*Hello? I don't think I can make it back to work cuz kawan saya ada accident. I was on my way back to work (bullshit) but suddenly ada kereta then BAMMM. Kawan saya sangat takut. I'm sorry...

HAHAHA! She literally spoke that way, with Malay and English all jumbled up together and I swear, she ended it with kawan saya sangat takut and I don't know why she added it. I think it was for dramatic purposes (wtf). So what for?

To play Monopoly Deal in LiHong's house.


It was fun though. Watching how all of LiHong's property got swiped off the table by JX just like that. And all of us trying desperately to convince JX to take another's property instead of our ownselves'.

Only the bunch of us could come up with nonsense like that I guess. Only when we're together, right darlings? :)

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