Tuesday, July 06, 2010

There's so many ways to love you.

Yes, Zouk night. I think I walked more than I danced. Walked around the whole of Zouk, literally. From one room to the other. My legs were on the verge of breaking towards the end of the night that it felt like heaven once my heels were off.

The precious picture of the night.

All three of us. CM said we look too Cina already so she changed the colour contrast before letting me post it wtf. I didn't get the logic behind whatever she said but yeah, anything goes haha. It's like DoReMi. I'm the Re and CM's the Do, as usual. Try guessing the Mi HAHAHA.

Honestly speaking, it was our first time clubbing together. All 3 of us. Despite the many many years of knowing each other. Funny much?

I like this picture of CM.

She looks so... happy haha. I remember she was the loser partner of mine. The one who was coughing like an idiot in the club right next to me hahaha.

Then there was my other favourite. No doubt on who ;-)

Finally he wore sleeves!

And knowing me... and my weird fetish... this was what happened:

Me: You look nice tonight my dear.

Jon: Duh, I look nice every day man. Since when I don't.

He left me speechless. I know nobody else vainer than that.

I love love love this pic!

CM: Eh I'm bored. What are you doing?

Me: Looking at pic.

CM: You damn obssessed wtf.

Me: Ya, at myself. I look so nice. Not fat. Good angle. Oh my god la.

CM: CHIU. I thought Jon.

Me: No man. Myself.

And she was left speechless haha.

Supposedly there were more pictures, of everyone else. But Adrienne said she didn't look nice in any so she only gave me this two pics of us. Boooo :(((

Also met Marc partying there in Zouk and he coloured his hair ash green! :O

Not exactly very visible in the pic but yeah, it was ash green heheh.

Met Joh there, very funny guy haha.

Yes, I stole these pics from Marc and Adrienne. Kindly refer to previous post about my camera mishap :(

T'was a fun night indeed. Love loveeee ♥ ♥

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