Friday, July 16, 2010

If I ever start to think straight, this heart will start a riot in me.

So I was happily tweeting away last night. I remember the first time I saw the singer of this song, it felt so familiar. I knew I heard or saw it somewhere before.

Now I remember

*the so called superstar (inside joke) needs his privacy so it's censored off. lol?

A moment later...

ĴØŇ says (1:02 AM):
*r u there?

kamen says (1:02 AM):
*yes darling

(He started off nicely so I innocently thought he would be nice and actually send me the song)

ĴØŇ says (1:02 AM):
*noob that song also noisy la
*same as what i listen
*u damn bias
*jus cuz its the song from the anime u watching

kamen says (1:03 AM):
*hahahahah how u knowwwwwwww
*that song damn nice ok. different from ur bising songs

ĴØŇ says (1:04 AM):
*biased shit malas talk to u
*that song is also bising la
*what not bising
*i can giv u tons of songs that sounds like that

kamen says (1:04 AM):
*hahahah sorry la. eh think on the bright side
*at least im appreciating ur type of songs di

ĴØŇ says (1:04 AM):
*err that's not appreciating
*that's lame

kamen says (1:04 AM):
*where got
*wait la slowlyyy

ĴØŇ says (1:05 AM):
*haih jus agree with me
*u cannot win one

Yeap, that was another failed argument with the (not so) Favourite J. He pm-ed me just to emo me about that. Well, it all started when I constantly complained that he listens to what I call "bising songs". Okay, it's actually Jrock heheh. His songs are like... constantly loud in the car and whenever I attempt to lower the volume, he'll eventually turn it on louder.

So when I randomly tweeted that I'm actually listening to a "bising song", he snapped. Hahaha can't blame him actually. But his songs are quite bising :(

And speaking of which, I was having a conversation with the other favourite simultaneously and somehow, this popped up. I have no idea how we ended up there but yeah, we did.

kamen says (1:36 AM):
*u know whats annoying? i think my period coming. feels like it

Yr Highness Flo: says (1:36 AM):
*cheh so -_-
*it comes every month wert

kamen says (1:37 AM):
*but but
*ur coming down kl!!!
*its lk

Yr Highness Flo: says (1:38 AM):
*darling i 'm not going to fuck you

kamen says (1:38 AM):

Wtf indeed. See, when you have lame people like this in your life, it won't be boring :)

But that "APL IS A LOSER SHIT" had been missing in action for quite some time already... it's about time to extort some loser moments from her already. Heheh >:-D


Peiling said...

LOL on Flo's replies. damn chun!!! hahahaha After Fb now ur blog huh??!! i'm not gonna spoil my image in ur blog. Fb is enough d. kaka

princessKamen said...

soon soon. will spoil your image for you, don't worry :P