Thursday, July 01, 2010

This ain't a song for the broken hearted.

Short update:

Flo baby was in KL from Monday till today (Thursday). Dropped her off at the bus station today afternoon at 2.15pm sharp. Yes you guessed it, her bus leaves exactly at that time too. Yet, she said "Don't worry, it'll wait for me." Yea I'm sure.

As I've mentioned earlier, the bunch of us drove all the way up to Penang to fetch her down to KL. Somehow, our journey to Penang seemed a tad bit longer (I guess it was due to the rests we took thinking that we have so much time to spare). She brought us here and there, mostly for food and we drove back to KL around 5pm.

Spent all three half days with her 24/7, literally. But it still isn't enough. Funny that both of us missed the same things we used to do together back then when we saw each other everyday - how we could spend hours sitting down and talking continuously. So yeah, we shot off to Gardens the first thing we woke up the next day.

Having all our late night talks till I eventually fall asleep, having those stupid lame jokes which only we would understand (apparently we're the guru level), exchanging those glances at each other when someone says something and having a telepathic inside joke (seriously!) and realising that we haven't stopped talking since the moment we saw one another. Yes, we only stopped when we were sleeping, like... literally.

Pictures will be up real soon, hopefully tomorrow. Can't wait till you're back in KL again 2 weeks later baby ♥ ♥

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