Thursday, July 15, 2010

My first kiss went a little like this.

I'm sorry, I have neglected this blog for way too long. I'm seriously too busy lazy to post updates... cuz they're really random ones. Like when I play mahjong, when I party or when I just hang around and do nothing with my bunch of lamo's.

Well, the ass (literally) - okay, Li Hong got home from Melbourne and we finally managed to smuggle her out of home to have lunch with us! She forgot to take out her camera when we were having lunch (before CM had to go back to work) and we played Pictionary with the Smelly's iPad. It was retarded... especially when everyone claimed they have drawing like Picasso's. For example, Jia Xin drew a square (like literally) and Smelly managed to guess it was a fridge. Like wtf?

So after sending CM back to work (and after so many rounds of Pictionary), Li Hong's darling suggested we have desserts. So Food Foundry it was! And they had awesome possum crepe cakes! *drools*

With Jia Xin, also the long time mahjong kaki.

Speaking of that, CM just had a very screwed up theory. She was labeling Jee King as her "mahjong kaki friend". So being the bitch that I am, I told him that it's just a mahjong kaki friend, and not real friend.

So her theory (or rather, hierarchy) went like this:

"First, it's those hi-bye friends. Then it's normal friends. Then only mahjong kaki friends."

So I assume that it's the second highest in the hierarchy immediately below close friends? This is screwed up. I have the weirdest friends ever.

With LipekHong in the middle :D

Oh, and guess which ahjuma is coming down from Penang again tomorrow? At least this time we didn't have to drive all the way up for her heheh :P

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