Friday, July 02, 2010

Soon you will see that you were meant for me, and I was meant for you.

I'm down with a flu and cough again. I have no idea why I'm so pariah (yea, that's the word) recently. So, applying to the past precedents of me being sick, I tend to engage into attention seeking activities from potential victims. But, sometimes it backfires.

Situation 1 (text):

Me: Eh, I'm coughing so much it's annoying me. And my tummy is painful.

A: Period cramp.
Me: Nooooo. I don't know why it's painful. Fuck the cough.
A: Get some rest. Ttyl.


Fail. First it was period cramp, then came a ttyl. Epic fail.

Situation 2:

kamen says (4:01 PM):
*eh if feel hot and cold means fever rite

ĴØŇ says (4:01 PM):

kamen says (4:01 PM):

ĴØŇ says (4:01 PM):
*u got h1n1 issit

kamen says (4:01 PM):
*no man
*omg. im gonna die alone here man

ĴØŇ says (4:02 PM):
*i'll put a ps3 in ur grave

kamen says (4:07 PM):
*then what if i suddenly stopped replying you and i pengsan-ed
*would u come save meee

ĴØŇ says (4:08 PM):
*i wouldn't even notice

Fucker. I hate him, seriously haha. He never lets go of any possible chance to annoy the shit outta me.

Situation 3:

kamen says (4:06 PM):
*what if i pengsan like u did
*will u come save me?

*`//¤»Chingy«¤- says (4:06 PM):
*huh what kind of question is that

kamen says (4:06 PM):
*attention seeking question

*`//¤»Chingy«¤- says (4:07 PM):
*ya ya
*of course
*anything for u

Another sarcastic ass. Apparently she was so sick she literally passed out yesterday hahaha! Stupid. Sick also wanna choose the same time. What's wrong with us? Lol.

Now where is Pei Ling... hmmmmm...

(I remember she was the nice loving caring one who brought me to eat porridge when I was so sick. I wonder if she'd do it again huhu. *manja*)

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Peiling said...

LOL I'm in Banting. If i am in kl sure got no prob. haha